Sailors are some of the most competitive individuals in the world.  At the same time, we are some of the most friendly and giving people around.  That is exactly the thought behind this site.  Since it takes a lot of practice to become competitive in racing classes, and many times the competition is overseas; we have begun to organize families that are looking to help international sailors by providing housing and use of race equipped boats in return for the opportunity to meet new people and benefit from the opportunity to train with dedicated athletes from other countries.

So we have begun to compile a list of families in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas (other areas are developing too) that have competitive youth sailors in a variety of classes and live close to a quality training facility that has boats to offer international sailors.  The generosity of these families and their clubs never fails to amaze us.  We are welcomed with open arms and have more families and equipment than we think we need!

Even though eliminating the housing and charter expense does reduce the travel expense a great deal, we still need to provide chapperones for MOST trips and make sure that we have top level coaches available.  So we have arranged with the world’s top coaches in those classes to travel from the originating country to the destination with the athletes and then train the “team” for the length of the trip.  And they are lining up quickly to coordinate new trips throughout the year! Some of these trips are single destination short trips, like a one week trip to Finland to train with local sailors and compete in their championship regatta.  Other are extensive month long trips that include multiple destinations for training and racing abroad.  Each of these offers the same convenience of a host family, use of a boat and a coach to travel with the entire team.  Watch as we introduce some of these trips in the days and weeks ahead.