About Us

As families of competitive sailors, we understand the sacrifices that each family makes to provide the required training, competition and coaching to help our athletes achieve their dreams in competition.  We have also been blessed with the opportunity to make lifelong friends amongst other families that are struggling with the same issues and have shared resources over the years to make it a little “easier” to accomplish. As the result, we are here to help facilitate simple and low-cost travel opportunities for young sailors that are looking to train and learn from fellow athletes overseas.

We are working every day to compile a list of families that have the resources (and space) to host a sailor in their home for a period of time.  Each of these families is involved in sailing and understands the rigors of international travel and the extensive training that our athletes endure every day.  So they are keen to provide a comfortable living environment that is free from (outside) stress and provides adequate nutrition and ample opportunity for rest between workouts and on the water practice.  What is more is that these families are able to either provide a race equipped boat, or are members of a club or team that has a boat that can be used by their visiting sailor for the duration of their trip.

In return, our host families gain a lifelong family member from overseas while learning about the culture and benefiting from having their friends and family train with their guest.  Many of these families have youth sailors that are looking to take advantage of our services or have experienced the benefits of international competition and want to “give back” to the sailing community for the graces they have received over the years their children were involved in competitive sailing.  It is a small world that we sail in and everyone benefits from the generosity of one another!

If you wold like to host a sailor for any period of time, please send an email to Dave Hein (dave@competitivesailor.org).  We would love to get you involved with the short term or long term development of an athlete in our sport.

Coaches, if you would like to join our team of creative and dynamic instructors and lead trips internationally and host foreign sailors for clinics in your nation, email Dave to find out what is required in our selection process.